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Dawn Bevers Bee Art

Dawn Bevers

Dawn has been into photography since she was a young child.  She got her first cameral when she was only 3 years old.
She was born and raised in Texas. She fell in love with New Mexico, in 1992, while on vacation.  In 2016, she moved to Carlsbad from Austin, TX, and she has adopted New Mexico to be her new home state since.
She spent her 20’s as a certified Montessori teacher and one year as an acting principal. In her 30’s, she mainly worked as private home-school teacher and nanny. Later, she spent some of her life as a wedding officiant, a florist and a photographer. 
Dawn is an ordained minister, a published photographer, an acrylic and mixed media artist. She is also a certified florist with a specialty in Ikebana. In addition to many interests in arts, Dawn is a proud member and chaplain of the Daughters of the American Revolution, a major party delegate and vice president and acting treasurer for the RWCC.

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