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Daina Taylor

Daina Taylor was born in Taipei, Taiwan. In 1983, she immigrated to the U.S. to pursue her education in Criminal Justice. She married to Clint after she moved to Carlsbad.
Daina is a self-taught potter. She has been working with clay since 1994, five years after she moved to Carlsbad, NM from Texas. She enjoys reading pottery related books and publications. She mixes her own glazes and has learned how to fire pottery at different temperatures and atmospheres. To her, opening the kiln after a long day of firing is the most exciting moment in the cycle of pottery making – “You never know how chemicals react with each other and the atmosphere of kiln until you open the kiln door.” Over the years, Daina has developed her own glaze palate and gazing techniques. She loves watercolors and clay is her canvas. All that and more has earned her many awards. Her work is deeply influenced by the work of Dawn Candy, Steve Hill, John Calver and John John Glick.
Daina is a member of the Carlsbad Area Art Association. Currently she serves as co-director of the Artist Gallery, although she has a full-time job as a second-grade teacher. She devotes her spare time either to church or volunteer work. She can be reached at

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