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Anne Strait

AE Strait is a local Carlsbad artist who loves the natural world with its animals, birds, and insects.  She paints with watercolor and acrylic, she sews figurative pieces and quilts, sometimes plays with clay, and takes lots of photos.  She learned to sew when she was 10, was a 4-H member and a Girl Scout.  She has a BS degree in Applied Mathematics from Georgia Institute of Technology.  She has also explored and mapped several caves in Tennessee and Alabama, Alaska, New Mexico, and Mexico.  She spent 40 years in the nuclear industry, primarily as a startup engineer and a nuclear safety analyst.  When she is not working or in the studio, she scuba dives, hikes, and explores the mountains of Colorado and the red rocks of Utah.  She loves collecting feathers, rocks, and shells.  Her favorite movies include Gone with the Wind and all the Harry Potters, Jurassic Parks, Indiana Jones, the Mummy, and Star Wars, Chocolat, and Water for Elephants.  Her favorite books include murder mysteries, Fried Green Tomatoes, The Clockmakers Daughter, The Miniaturist, The Night Circus, and many, many others.

Recently at Hogwarts, she was sorted into Ravenclaw, her wand is of holly with a dragon heartstring core, and her patronus is an otter.

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